– Have you ever dreamed of going on holiday abroad, but are limited by a limited budget? Don’t worry! Now, going abroad doesn’t have to be expensive. There are various ways to take a cheap holiday abroad by taking several things into consideration. If you are planning a holiday abroad with family or friends, let’s check out the following cheap holiday abroad tips and get money easily with slot gacor!

Tips for Economical Holidays Abroad

Vacationing abroad is the right choice when you are bored with the atmosphere in Indonesia.  If you ask, “Can you go abroad with a budget of 5 million? Of course, I can! But remember, this can’t be done haphazardly, there are several tips you need to know so that your holiday doesn’t drain a lot of your savings.

Choose a Visa-Free Country

The first step is to choose the destination country, choose a cheap holiday abroad without a visa. Several countries without visas include Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, Hong Kong, Macau and Vietnam.  If your budget is only IDR 5 million, you can visit Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam or Thailand. Outside that country, it will usually be more expensive due to the high cost of living.

Be diligent in checking flight or credit card promotions

Want even more economical accommodation tickets? Be diligent in checking flight or credit card promos. Usually, there will be discounts for buying plane tickets, hotels, tourist attractions, and so on. Some people get promotional prices when they apply for a new credit card or get discounts from existing points. The discount can reach IDR 1 million!

Look for free tourist attractions

A budget holiday abroad doesn’t always require visiting paid places. You can choose the famous free tourist attractions there. You can get this information on Google. Look for the keyword “Free tourist attractions in (the country you are visiting)”. Later, various location options will appear. However, some facilities may be paid. It doesn’t matter if you want to take photos or just enjoy the atmosphere.

Bring personal items so you don’t buy a lot of things

When preparing to go abroad, make sure you bring all your personal belongings with you. Avoid buying things you actually have at home. For example, to save more on drinking, you can bring a drinking bottle from home, some countries provide refills at water fountains. Don’t forget to bring personal medication. This is very important when you suddenly fall ill.

Exploring Beauty By Public Transportation and On Foot

Another way to save money when vacationing abroad is to use public transportation.  Many countries have reliable and affordable public transportation systems, such as trains or buses. Explore your destination using public transportation. Not only does it save money, it also provides a more authentic local experience.

It doesn’t matter if you have to walk. Some tourist attractions may be reachable only on foot. If the country is in hot weather, you can walk from afternoon to evening. Interesting right?